Seiken Densetsu Club on Deviant Art

Posted on March 1st, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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Hey, do you like the Seiken Densetsu series? If you’re on this site, then probably! If not then I invite you to play the first couple of games again and reconsider!

Hey, do you like art? If you do then you probably already know about Deviant Art, but did you know there is a club for Seiken Densetsu related art on it?

The Seiken Densetsu Club on Deviant Art is run by Desert Reaper from the forums, here is what Desert Reaper has to say about it:

I do run it, so I figured I’d post it for you guys, incase any of you have an account on DA. It is still active, I REFUSE TO LET IT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho, there’s also a current contest on there if you’d like to join. And, it’s a great place to find other seiken fans on there.

So if you love Seiken Densetsu art or make Seiken Densetsu art, you should head over and join!

4 Responses to “Seiken Densetsu Club on Deviant Art”

  1. Anise Says:

    Good ole reaper :3

  2. manaman Says:

    Hee hee!

  3. Desertreaper Says:

    Oh sweet! Thanks again Sheexy! *glomps*

  4. Anise Says:

    I love contest :3 It brightens up a day!