The Fourteen Best Rabite Merchandise – Part Two

Posted on March 31st, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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The list continues!

7.) Rabite Necklace

When Legend of Mana came out in Japan they raffled off a lot of neat things. This little necklace is just one of them. There were maybe 700 or so raffled off.

The little Rabite is made out of pewter and looks the same as the one from the phone card and zipper pull set. The cord the Rabite is on is super small, so if you plan on wearing this thing you might want to extend it.

6.) Pewter Rabite Cellphone Jockey

These were also raffled off when Legend of Mana came out, there are around 500 of them.

This is the same pewter Rabite that is on the necklace, only now it’s on a decorative cord ready to be strapped onto your cellphone. I keep this little guy on my cellphone all the time, it brings me good luck. Maybe.

5.) Rabite Cellphone Jockey

Hey, it’s another cellphone jockey, only this one is in color! The colors Duke, the colors!

This one has a much happier expression on it and also comes with a light blue strap that says “RABI” on top, and has a super soft tan material on the bottom.
I’m not entirely sure how durable this little guy is though, as I haven’t used mine on anything yet.

4.) Rabite Cleaner

Finding big Rabite plushes is hard, so this tiny Rabite plush is the next best thing!
Well maybe not… but it’s pretty neat. It’s designed to tag along on your DS and you can use its super soft underside to clean off the screen. You could also use it for your cellphone or your computer or even your microwave, but to be honest I think I’ll keep mine away from dirty surfaces and keep it in mint condition. You can also pretend that it’s a baby Rabite. Not that I do that or anything.

You can get your own here.

3.) Rabite Zippo Lighter

Fire is awesome. Rabites are awesome. A Zippo lighter that has Rabites on it?

That’s double awesome!

There are only 300 of these items in existance, and they were either given to people who worked at Square or raffled off in Japan, so finding them is near impossible. They have Rabites on each side except for the top and bottom, and it’s official Zippo too, so you know it’s good. Mine is number 284.

2.) Small Rabite Plushies

These little guys come in two varieties, those with their eyes open and those with their eyes closed. They are both super awesome. There are so many things you can do with them, for examples see this video I made.

So I ask you, what’s better than a small rabite plush? The answer is…

1.) Giant Rabite Plush

This giant Rabite Plush is easily the greatest piece of Rabite Merchandise ever made.
Look at how happy that lady is. Just look at her.

I can only hope that one day I will be that happy.

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  1. RMVX Says:

    Those rabite plushies are so cute! 🙂

  2. Wiiman Says:

    Woah! You got one of the three hundred rabbite lighters