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Posted on April 17th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Phew, update is on today because I was busy at school helping out with the Japanese Language Club’s Sakura Festival. I was dressed like a ninja while at school, it was pretty awesome.

– Wait, you mean you don’t always dress like a ninja?

– Well, no? Do you always wear that getup?

– Why yes, yes I do.

– Well you’re weird. With all that dancing you do I can’t imagine those clothes being that clean…

– I always we-

– You’re a cat.

– Aww…

– Ok guys, what kind of stuff do we have to show off this week?

– Not much actually, things are going pretty slow. This Legend of Mana Soundtrack is a pretty good deal though. Also this Children of Mana Nintendo Power Poster and this Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Issue are priced nicely if you’re looking to collect them.

– Nicely done, Mr. Moti. Neko, what’ve you got for us?

– This Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack is nice and cheap. You can also get this Sword of Mana Nintendo Power Poster or Four Panel Comics Comicbook without breaking the bank.

– Wow Neko, you didn’t pick anything outrageous. I’m proud of you.

– As long as I take one of these pills every hour I can keep selling cheap stuff like this Heroes of Mana Soundtrack or this Dawn of Mana Soundtrack with minimal detrimental side effects. *cough*

– What about you Sheexy, what’d you find for this week?

– Absolutely nothing. Thanks for doing my job for me, see you guys next week!

– Hey!

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