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Posted on April 24th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey, why wasn’t there an update yesterday?

– Looks like someone forgot what day it was, NEKO. But it’s ok, I’ll let it slide as long as you can keep delivering cheap deals.

– Phew, that is good because I just found two different deals on the Seiken Densetsu 3 Basic Guidebook, here and here. These guidebooks have neat character, weapon, armor, item and monster art inside.

– Nice, I found this good deal on a Legend of Mana 2CD Soundtrack, and this Secret of Mana Basic Guidebook that also has weapon, armor and item drawings in it.

– This is a pretty good deal for the Dawn of Mana 4CD Soundtrack. And if you want the Children and Dawn of Mana Artbook you are probably not going to find it for cheaper than this one.

– Yeah, that thing is always going to have a high price on it, but it’s really amazing. According to the front cover it has over 700 different artworks inside. It has everything from character designs to monster designs, it’s got storyboard plans and even textures that are used in the Dawn of Mana levels. It’s really great.

– I found a great deal on the Secret of Mana Map/Poster.

– Ok, well that’s it for this week. Hopefully Neko won’t go and forget what day we update on next time.

– Sundays?

– …Thursday, I’ll let you off though cause you’re still a cat. But you bring up something cool, If you want to voice chat with Seiken Densetsu fans from the forums here, download Skype and check out this thread. We’re going to try to get this going every Sunday or so, so check it out! See you there maybe!

– Aww, I give dancing lessons on Sundays, I can’t make it!

– I am still a cat so I can’t make it either.

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