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Posted on May 29th, 2009 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassidySomewhat hard to see, but this is the best scan I’ve managed to find (and trust me, I’ve spent some time looking), but here is a magazine scan that’s been doing the rounds on all the Japanese blog sites out there, as well as the German Seiken Densetsu Community forum (I followed a link there from Flow’s comment in the last post about Secret of Mana).

In response to your comment, Flow, I’m afraid that the only larger version of the artwork that I have is from reconstructing the image on the official site from the source images that are in their subdirectories. But in case you’re interested, here it is.


In the scan below, we can see the artwork again (with a slightly different arrangement), and a couple of screen shots of the game in action and the ring menu system. From what little is visible, it looks as though graphics have changed slightly to allow for display on the mobile phone (lack of detail in the water, but I could be wrong), and the ring system zooms in on the icon highlighted. Whether this means that there has had to be a big overhaul or not, I don’t know (though considering that the phone’s resolution is 480×690 and the SNES original resolution is 256×224, it should be man enough from a resolution perspective, at least, if not from a processing perspective).

Another interesting point of note is the names under the characters, since for a long time it has always been established that, while Randi, Purim and Popoi/Popoie are considered the canon names, this would appear to confirm from the horses’ mouth that these are indeed the correct names (unless, of course, the magazine is following the world suit and filling in a blank instead of extracting these from official press release material).

Maybe Sheexy can shed some light on what any of the article says.

The search for the holy sword continues…

7 Responses to “SoM Mobile – Magazine Scan”

  1. Kimiko Says:

    The link to the image doesn’t work (redirects to the front page).

  2. manaman Says:

    Does the same for me. Would you mind passing the image along, Kass?

  3. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Doh.. Fixed broken link.

  4. Flow Says:

    Thanks =)

    Wallpaper Version:

  5. ManaFan Says:

    This game should be on DS not phone.

  6. MorganGreen Says:

    Is it known whether this is just a remake of the SNES version or if it’s the version that was supposed to be released on the SNES-CD thing that never came out?

  7. Izlude Says:

    I sure hope they give us the CD version. They’ve had over 17 years to think about ever re-releasing it. The first thing that comes to mind is that what they had originally “will” no doubt fit and run fluid on any future hardware.

    I’d like to see the original translation as well. The rom IPS patch for the original script is absolutely amazing. I don’t want to see any corny scripts such as…

    Randi: What have you done?
    Sheex: I can see their parachutes… They’re ok!