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Posted on June 19th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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This news is old and might contain broken links and/or images.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

So, it’s been a year and 8 days since I said I started up on the big Bestiary Overhaul I’ve had planned… and it’s still gotten nowhere.

The problems with the Bestiary are as follows:

  • Broken images everywhere due to the gallery being moved.
  • SwoM, CoM, DoM and HoM aren’t mentioned on most of the pages.
  • Anchor tags need to be added into every mention of monsters.
  • I am incredibly lazy.

That’s a lot of work considering how many pages there are, but I’ve got 27 of the pages completed now, and only 34 more to go, so that isn’t really that bad. The “finished” pages do not, however, have summaries of the monsters from SwoM, CoM, DoM and HoM. They only list the monsters, and that’s all they will do for a while.

But I have a new plan for this section:

I will get as many of these pages as I can to a “finished” version of themselves and then upload whatever I have done at the end of each week until each of them no longer contain the problems I listed above.
After that, since they will still not have summaries from SwoM, CoM, DoM and HoM I will go through them each in alphabetical order and add all the necessary details, fix a few bits and bobs here and there, and even add in new information I’ve learned from the monsters from the Japanese guides. I plan to do one of these a week, and not all the pages will need this treatment.

Anyway, just letting you all know that the Bestiary isn’t dead, even though I’ve ignored it for over a year.

Also… I need to do the merchandise section… but that’ll come a bit later.

8 Responses to “Bestiary Blues News”

  1. nick912012 Says:

    Well, I can try to help ya out. I’ve got a relatively light schedule for awhile. Not sure exactly what you need that I could be assistance for though. I could gather sprites for SwoM if that’s something you’d be interested in. I’ve also got the Dawn of Mana strategy guide, which I believe there’s a section that has images of all the monsters. I’ve got a scanner, but it ain’t the best quality, and I’m not all too great at rendering images either, but it is something that might be able to be pulled off.

    In conclusion, anything that I can do for ya, Sheexy?

  2. Sheexy Says:

    Hey Nick, those would be huge helps! Both the SwoM sprites and the DoM monster images.

    I was going to do the DoM images myself but my scanner is broken and I can’t get it to work x_x

    If you want to help with those that would be awesome! Especially since SwoM and CoM use the same sprites, that’d be killing two birds with one stone.

  3. nick912012 Says:

    Alright, Sheexy. I’ll start it up tomorrow. I’ll just PM you gifs of some monster sprites. As far as the Dawn of Mana stuff goes… I REALLY hate working with my scanner. It works, but it never makes it to my likings. I’ll fiddle around with it though. And don’t worry bout it, I use this site a bunch for random information. Might as well contribute to it as well.

  4. Sheexy Says:

    If it’s too much trouble don’t worry about it too much.

    Does the DoM guide you have just have pictures of the graphics, or the actual drawings of the monsters? Cause my CoM/DoM artbook has the real drawings and lots of other little design details about them I gotta get scanned sometime anyways.

  5. nick912012 Says:

    It’s 3D models of the monsters, though there’s text of the monster’s name that overlaps on some of them. No way getting past that to my knowledge. And I’ll still give it a shot if you want me to. If the first couple don’t turn out pretty though, I’ll probably end up dropping it. Gathering sprites from Sword of Mana won’t be too hard. Not sure how to get the ones from Heroes and the couple other monsters added in Children though. If you know of any ways, I don’t mind doing it. Anyways, I gotta to bed now. New marimba coming in at 8 AM, and I need to be there to help out the band director. Bleh.

  6. Sheexy Says:

    I think Kassidy might already have the majority of the HoM ones actually.

    Thanks for the help!

  7. Quemaqua Says:

    Awesome stuff guys!

  8. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Yeah, I’ve got a whole ton of sprite rips from HoM, just never had a chance to do anything with them yet.