MMM – Battle 1

Posted on June 29th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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I’ve got two tracks for you today, but they’re both the same. Mostly

Battle 1 – Kenji Ito

Battle 1 ~Believe in Victory~ – Kenji Ito

The first one is from Final Fantasy Adventure, and the second one is the remastered version for Sword of Mana.
Personally I greatly prefer the original to the remake. The remake sounds too shiny to me, like they relied on that sparkly sound way too much, though I have to admit the drums are a nice addition. To me the original just sounds much more imposing and more like a boss battle should.

But that’s just my thoughts, what do you think?

2 Responses to “MMM – Battle 1”

  1. manaman Says:

    Sheexy, I agree with you. I think the original seems far more ominous and is a very great boss battle riff. The second is good, too, it’s just not AS good–it’s more . . . “cute.”

  2. nick912012 Says:

    Yeah, I pretty much prefer all the FFA tunes over the Sword of Mana ones.

    Oh and Sheexy, if you haven’t noticed, there’s gonna be a minor hiatus on them SwoM sprites. It’s a pretty busy week for me. Major parade on Saturday that we’ve won for 15 years in a row, so they’re beating the hell outta us so that we don’t break that streak.