Bestiary Updates

Posted on July 7th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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This update is still coming along!

Needle Birds, Pumpkin Bombs, Sahagin, Sea Dragons, and Swords have been updated now.

Some of the names in the Bestiary might be a bit off for the English because I don’t have SwoM or CoM on me to double check. Actually as far as I know it never tells you many of their names in CoM, but I know that in SwoM they changed up a few of the names. When I go back over all of the pages and update the data on each monster I’ll get those names right though.

Also I’m getting close to being done with the minor update part, only 19 more files remain. The only problem is they are mostly the pages where all the monsters who don’t fit into an obvious category go. Stuff like plants, living objects, etc. that include lots of different monsters. If you’re wondering how I chose which monsters to give separate pages and which ones not to it all depends on how unique they are and how much they’ve been represented in the series. Now that I’m including the new games though I might have to break a few off into new pages, but we’ll see.

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