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Posted on July 17th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– It’s that time of the week again! Shopping Channel time! Perhaps you remember the Legend of Mana Manga volumes I linked to last time, well if you want the entire collection you can go for one of the larger reprints that have been made. Here you can find Volume 1 and Volume 2. Remember of course that they are in Japanese through and through.

– If you like the music from Secret of Mana and would love to learn it, check out this Secret of Mana Guitar Solo Book! Starting at only 99 cents, you can possibly make away with a killer deal here! Also worth checking out is the Legend of Mana Soundtrack, it’s always a smart choice. Even if you have it already. I promise. The Dawn of Mana Soundtrack is also a good deal. Buy it and invite me over to a dance party. It’ll be awesome.

– Umm… ok… well I have a few nice but expensive items. First is the amazing Children and Dawn of Mana Artbook, it is pretty much the best Seiken Densetsu art book ever. If you are a die-hard collector look into getting this Japanese Sword of Mana Collector’s Box. It comes with both the game and a Lil’ Cactus toy to sit on your desk. There is also a Rabite finger puppet that comes with it!

– If you want a complete Secret of Mana then here is your chance! This Auction is starting at one cent! Maybe you can get a great deal on it! If you just need the map/poster check This One for a nice deal.

And we’ll wrap it up there, pretty slow right now but we’ll continue to bring you the best deals we can find.

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