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Posted on August 7th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– It’s 99 cent day! Nothing but stuff that’s at 99 cents at the moment of writing this post!


– Don’t worry Neko, I’m not counting Shipping.

– Phew, that’s the easiest place to gouge, I’m cured!

– Neko how are you still in business?

– Heroes are surprisingly lazy, It’s a wonder they manage to save the world in the end.

– Say, are you a hero trying to save the world in Legend of Mana? Probably not considering the storyline, but if you are having trouble with helping random people then maybe you should get the Legend of Mana Ultimania Guide! … and also learn Japanese!

– There is also a nice Postcard Book that is starting out cheaper than the one we mentioned last time. Or you can buy The Game Itself, or even get The Game and the Bonus Soundtrack. It’s only got five songs, but hey it’s collectable.

– How about buying this Secret of Mana Guitar Book and using it to play beautiful music for me to dance to?

– Hey that’s not 99 cents!

– But your “best offer” can be!

– That… probably won’t work, definitely won’t work. But nice loophole! Check out all these posters that started at 99 cents! Get a Children of Mana Poster, a Secret of Mana Poster, and… um another Secret of Mana Poster?

– How about playing a nice game of Children of Mana?

– Hey that one is one dollar! You should have said this copy of Children of Mana which is actually only 99 cents! What’s with all the high prices today Mr. Moti? You’re worse than Neko!

– Yeah you’re worse than me. Even I resisted mentioning this Children and Dawn of Mana Artbook that is only 36 dollars instead of the usual 48!

– Yeah, Neko didn’t even bring up that Children and Dawn of Mana Artbook which is probably the best deal on it you will ever find online and you should jump on this chance if you want the book!

– u guys are cheating, I’m going home!

– Well I’m going home too!

– You are home.

– I’m going to bed!

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