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Posted on September 11th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey, there are actually some good deals this time around! Hooray!

– Look, a super cheap Secret of Mana Soundtrack! You can buy that and listen to and dance to it, OR you could buy this really cheap Seiken Densetsu Best Piano Collection Book and learn to play lots of the songs from all the games!

– The Ultimania Guide for Legend of Mana is usually very expensive, but This One is so cheap it pains me deep in my soul.

– Everyone loves Secret of Mana, right? So buy this Nintendo Power Poster! Or get this Manual and Map/Poster! Both these things are super cheap now!

– The Legend of Mana Soundtrack is a classic, everyone should own one! This Dawn of Mana Soundtrack might not be a classic, but it’s still so awesome you should definitely buy it.

– If you can’t decide between the Secret of Mana and the Legend of Mana soundtracks, you could just get both. But it’s a bit more expensive than just winning the other two auctions… but I’m Neko, so what do you expect?

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