Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Scans

Posted on October 22nd, 2009 at 1:51 am by Dr. Sheexy Filed under Gallery Updates, Secret of Mana

Hey, I got around to cleaning up some of the 950MB of Seiken Densetsu images I have sitting in my “to-do” folder!

Head over to the gallery and you can look through Volume 57 of Nintendo Power with the first Secret of Mana feature!

I only scanned the Secret of Mana sections in, but if you’re on this site you probably don’t care much about what else was in the magazine.

The text might be too small for you to read in the gallery, but if you click on the images you can download a real big version of it. Some of the pages aren’t quite perfectly aligned, and the margins might be a little bit rough in places, but that’s ok. They’re called margins because they are marginally important. That’s not the real reason behind that name, but maybe it should be?

I’ll be getting the other three Secret of Mana features from Nintendo Power up soon!

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