Shopping Channel – 42

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Ok, there is quite a bit of new stuff today!

– I just want to start off today by listing these Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana Artbooks (one, two). The second one is on sale right now, but it ends tomorrow unfortunately.

– Speaking of sales, this Secret of Mana Adventure Guidebook is on sale too. It’s a pretty fun little guidebook, it’s all in Japanese but it has some fun one panel comics inside that illustrate how each boss fight goes.

– There are a few more Seiken Densetsu 3 Prologue Books (one, two). Again, the second one is on sale currently and it will end soon!

– Geez, what’s up with all these sales ending today? Maybe I should do this update earlier in the week.

– You know you’d just procrastinate and put the update off until today anyways.

– Yeah, that’s true.

– How about some games? This auction for Secret of Mana + 2 Controllers + a Multi-tap might be a bit expensive, but you can make an offer on it and maybe pick it up for less. Or how about a cheap copy of Legend of Mana with the Guidebook?

– Or if you’re into the newer games you can get Children of Mana or Sword of Mana.

– Get the Dawn of Mana 4CD Soundtrack! It’s awesome!

– Aaand a final roundup of two random items: A Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Poster and this Sword of Mana Comic Book. I’ve never seen the inside of that comic book, but I really want it. In fact my birthday is Sunday so how about someone buys it for me? Anyone?

– No.

– No.

– Well it was worth a shot, see you all next week!

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