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Posted on October 15th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Well we’ve got a lot of stuff today, so let’s get started!

– First take a look at this Secret of Mana Phonecard and this 1994 Desk Calendar with Secret of Mana pictures in it. These items are no doubt very rare, and those prices reflect that fact.

– That’s a neat looking drawing of Flammie on August though. So, let’s keep going down the Secret of Mana path eh? There are a few chances this week to pick up a nice copy of Secret of Mana with the map and manual. This one actually has two maps, one of which I have never seen before. I’m not quite sure what is up with the second map there, but the rest of the auction looks legit. UPDATE:The second map is actually from Final Fantasy II. There is also This Copy with the map and manual.

– If you want to pick up all the Legend of Mana manga books, look no further!

– That’s a really good deal so far, speaking of Legend of Mana, take a look at This Jumi Music Box with Pearl and Elazul Figures. Now I know it’s neat, but that price is pretty insane. I bought the same thing for under 20 dollars, so there is no reason to spend as much as is being asked here.

– Also speaking more of Legend of Mana, you can get this Legend of Mana Novel if you want it. It’s in solid Japanese with no pictures, so you probably don’t want it, but the offer is on the table.

– Buy these Children and Dawn of Mana Artbooks (One, Two). You won’t regret it!

And finally we’ll wrap up with these Sword of Mana things. You can get this SwoM Novel which is interspersed with drawings, or go for this SwoM Manga which appears to be solid drawings. That’s it for now, see you all next week with more deals!

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  1. Tomnet Says:

    I’ve already seen the two first…But the phone card is really the first time I saw it on ebay. Theay probably rare but at this price : NO !