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Posted on October 29th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Whoa, there are a ton of good deals on eBay this week, so we’re gonna try to compact this as much as we can by running through items game by game! Ok Mr. Moti, you’re up first with Final Fantasy Adventure!

– I’d like to start off by linking you to this Japanese Copy of the Game, it’s at a pretty good price considering how rare it is! You should pick up this Seiken Densetsu Basic Guidebook too, it’s really cheap! It’s got all the awesome hand drawn items, weapons, armor and monsters in it! In fact, you could get From This Seller too!

-Secret of Mana has a basic guidebook like that as well. Here Is One for a good price, and the shipping is free as well! This other Secret of Mana Guidebook isn’t as good as the first one I linked to, but it has small one panel comics showing how to fight the bosses, and that is neat. If you want the map for the game you can Get the Map Alone or you can Get the Map with the Cartridge! Then you can buy The Manual and English Guidebook for your collection, and round it off with the Nintendo Power Poster!

– Great job Neko, that’s a ton of Secret of Mana stuff! As far as Seiken Densetsu 3 goes all I found was this Seiken Densetsu 3 Guidebook. It’s not as good as the other two guidebooks, but at this price you can’t complain!

– Now we’re running out of stuff! How about music? Get the Legend of Mana Soundtrack for a good price! Also you might look into getting this Pandora’s Vox 2 Doujin CD. I didn’t know this existed, but the first one is good so I imagine the second one would be too!

– I guess I’d better wrap it up here! You can’t go wrong buying the Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana Artbook. It’s really one of the best pieces of merchandise you can get.

– See you next week everyone, have a happy Halloween!

One Response to “Shopping Channel Explosion”

  1. manaman Says:

    Yesh, so if anyone was wanting those SoM guidebooks . . . I sort of bought both. Curse eBay! Thank you, Sheexy, for these updates–this is my first purchase from them, but I’m excited.