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Posted on November 5th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– It’s that time of the week again, everybody! Let’s get started with some good Final Fantasy Adventure deals! Lots of people don’t have the map and manual that came with the game, so if you’re looking for one you should buy this map and manual set. Please note that that auction comes with the newer manual. If you want the older one you should buy this manual. The auction says it is missing the front cover, but the picture shows the front cover intact, so I’m not quite sure whether it has it or not.

– This Final Fantasy Adventure Basic Guidebook is kind of expensive, but you can make a lower offer and see if the seller will take you up on it. If you want the Japanese game, box and manual then look no further. It’s a bit expensive, but that is because it is rare. This is actually a pretty good price for it.

– Do you know what is not a good price? The price on this Sword of Mana Japanese Box Set. It comes with a Lil’ Cactus desk toy, and a Rabite finger puppet along with the game, but that price is much too high. I paid 30 dollars for mine, you shouldn’t have to pay much more than that.

– Did you know there was a special Gameboy Advance SP made in Japan for the release of Sword of Mana? If you want it you can buy this one! It comes with the Gameboy, the game, and a few other things. It also looks like the carrying case has a Rabite tag on it, that’s pretty neat!

– Buying Secret of Mana complete can be expensive, especially if everything is in good condition. But these two copies (One, Two) have the “make an offer” option, so you could maybe get them for cheaper.

– And to wrap it all up, you can pick up All Five Shiro Amano Legend of Mana Manga for a nice price here. Or if you want you can get both of (One, Two) for around the same price. See you all next week!

– B-but I barely got to talk!

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