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Posted on November 27th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Well if you’re in the States like me, you probably know what today is. Today is the day when people go nuts and cram themselves into shopping centers trying to get amazing deals.

– Scary shoppers.

– That they are my little friend. In fact, Neko and Mr. Moti are out shopping right now. Instead of risking your lives like those two are, why don’t you stick around the site here and get your Black Friday shopping done in safety, we’ve got some pretty neat things here today.

Heroes musics, Legend musics, Heroes music!

– Someof the best deals we have today are for Secret of Mana, check these out, 99 cents each! Get the Nintendo Power Cover Issue, or a nice Nintendo Power Poster, or pick up the Japanese Advanced Guidebook. The guidebook doesn’t really have any pictures in it like the Basic one does, check out the merchandise section for more information.

SD3 art and cards!

– Speaking of art, this is a great deal on the Legend of Mana Manga by Shiro Amano. They’re really fun, even if you can’t understand the Japanese.

– All done now.

– Yeah… I thought we had more deals but I guess not. Oh, Neko, what are you doing back?

– My protest wasn’t going so well.

– A protest? What, I thought you were out shopping?

– No, I was protesting Black Friday. There were far too many good deals, shoppers should keep high prices like me.

– Y’know I’m not sure why I hired you for this.

3 Responses to “Shopping Channel – Black Friday”

  1. Quemaqua Says:

    Damn it, Sheexy, stop making me spend money! I couldn’t pass on the manga. Thankfully, I offered the dude twenty bucks and he took it. Merry Christmas to me!

  2. Sheexy Says:

    Dude, that’s a killer deal! I didn’t even realize it had the option for making an offer.

    Usually those go for nine bucks a piece, but the fourth and fifth one tend to go for three times that much. Congrats!

  3. Quemaqua Says:

    The real price will come when I realize how long it’s going to take me to translate it.