Seiken Densetsu 3 Playing Cards

Posted on January 6th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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In the gallery we’ve got some new scans of the SD3 playing cards that came with the special Prologue guide that came out before SD3 was released in Japan.

You can check out the new scans here.

About a year ago I posted a page in the SD3 section that contains the rules for the two different games you can play with the cards, you can find that information here.

6 Responses to “Seiken Densetsu 3 Playing Cards”

  1. Tekka Says:

    Sweetness! It’s great to have some quality scans of these finally. Thanks, Sheexy!

  2. Szu Says:

    nice. where these released in booster packs or as a set ? do they pop up on ebay, & ifso at what price ? does anybody now

  3. Szu Says:


  4. Sheexy Says:

    No problem, I’ll try to eventually get even better ones. Some of these ones aren’t perfectly centered. I’m not the best with a scanner. XD

  5. Sheexy Says:

    They were released with a special guidebook, Szu.

    These are the only ones that exist, you get the first 22 and 2 rule cards with the Prologue guidebook, then the two holofoil ones came with another guidebook.

    They are quite common on eBay actually, but the price is much higher than I’d be willing to pay.

  6. Szu Says:

    thanks for the info

    I bought both the books including the cards for 40 euro’s inc shipping on ebay. which is kinda allright I think, not 2 cheap. but hey I really like them.

    great job on the site btw !