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Posted on January 15th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Guy’s I’ve got some terrible news!

– Oh no, what’s wrong?

– It’s about me, isn’t it? You discovered I’m not really a cat, didn’t you?

– No, it’s worse, school starts next Tuesday for me!

– …

– … so I’m still a cat?

– Yeah.

– Everything seems ok to me.

– You guy’s don’t care that school is starting for me?

– No.

– Not really.

– Aww, I guess let’s do this update then. Spend the last of my free time before school updating the site I guess.

– Sounds like a good idea, I’ll start! There are two auctions (One, Two) for the Legend of Mana manga! They are both for about the same price, but the first auction has a “make an offer” button, so you could get it for even less!

– Now it’s time for expensive but cool items. If you liked the Seiken Densetsu 3 cards Sheexy showed last week, then maybe you would like to own them, if so go here. The price is high, but if you really want them here is your chance. Also if you are looking for the LoM Millennium Edition and are willing to spend big, here is a copy you can buy.

– I’m not doing anything.

– Also this CoM and DoM Artbook is expensive, but it’s definitely worth it!

– If you want cheap deals on good guides, check out this Secret of Mana English Guide, just don’t hit the buy it now button, and this Legend of Mana Ultimania Guide! I guess that’s it folks, so I’m gonna wrap it up here, cause Sheexy is too busy crying about school to do it himself.

– I don’t want to go! I want the break to be longer!

– See you next week!

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