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Posted on January 29th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Today we are talking about posters.

– Ok.

– Posters go on your wall.

– Yeah…

– Posters are paper.

– Can we just tell people where to buy posters?

– Well, ok. First we’ve got this Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Poster. It’s a little more expensive than the others, but all of the auctions for these on eBay tend to go up to about 12 to 15 dollars. Then we’ve also got these Children of Mana Nintendo Power Posters (two, two). Also there is a Heroes of Mana Nintendo Power Poster which I guess has Chocobo’s on the back of it.

– Don’t forget Final Fantasy Adventure with the Map and Manual! That map can be used as a sort of mini poster!

– Yeah, and the map is pretty rare too! Our last posters are from Sword of Mana (one, two). These are the largest of all of the posters listed today, and in my opinion they are also the best looking.

– Our last item today is everyone’s favorite; it’s the CoM and DoM Artbook! But wait, there’s more! It is in japan-ssdyuk‘s store, so that means you don’t have to pay the actual price, you can make an offer and possibly get it for less!

– That’s it for this week everyone, see you next time!

2 Responses to “Shopping Channel”

  1. Quemaqua Says:

    Every freaking time, man. I finally got the CoM/DoM art book. For $35. Not bad at all. Japan-ssdyuk is like my best friend. I bought something like $200 worth of Aria-related books from him less than a month ago.

  2. Sheexy Says:

    Nice to hear that they are pretty generous with the make an offer thing!

    Sorry for your wallet, but I can’t stop. XD