Surprise Shopping Update

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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Hey everyone, it’s a surprise shopping update! I found some pretty good items for sale and I couldn’t wait until Thursday to share them!

The first item to check out is this Legend of Mana Rabite Necklace. These things used to be pretty common on eBay, but they don’t show up very often anymore. The Rabite is made out of pewter, and pretty small, a little under an inch long. The necklace part is pretty short too, you might have to take the Rabite off and put it on another necklace if you want to wear it. I’d price the necklace at around 10-15 dollars, they’re not that common as I said before.

The other item is this Legend of Mana Millenium Edition. You can get the little Pearl and Elazul figures and the Jumi Jewelry Box that plays music here! It’s pretty neat, and a great collectible. For this set a good price is around 50 dollars or so.

So check those out if you’re looking for some nice LoM collectibles, they’re both at really low prices right now.

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