MMM – Seeking the Light

Posted on March 23rd, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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This week is brought to you by the music Seeking the Light. I wonder how many people listen to these tracks we upload, because there isn’t a counter for how many times it is played or anything.

Seeking the Light – Kenji Ito

6 Responses to “MMM – Seeking the Light”

  1. Kimiko Says:

    I usually check out the MMM tracks. There is so much Mana music, I never know what you’ll decide to spotlight next 🙂

    This track doesn’t sound familiar. Is it from Dawn?

  2. bastian Says:

    I listen! Even if (as in this instance) I already own the expensive four CD soundtrack! 😛

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I listen!!! thanks for posting them 🙂

  4. Nedliv Says:

    hey guys,
    i listen, too! it’s just like live radio or something, you understand ^^
    and Kimiko: yes, it’s from dawn of mana;
    i know, cause’ i got the cd 😀
    greez from germany

  5. Sheexy Says:

    Woohoo, thanks for listening everyone! XD

    Sorry we don’t have more updates lately!

  6. manaman Says:

    Yes, I always give the songs a listen–often multiple listens! If Pandora streamed Mana music, I’d have a favorite station. Anyway, thanks for your hard work, Sheexy! Sorry I never stop by to give you the proper, well, props.