Mr. Moti’s School Project

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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Resident forum goer and all-around-awesome-dude Abdul Moti recently made a post about a school project he and a friend made. It’s a power point presentation about Children of Mana! And better yet, he and his friend have decided to dedicate the project to all Mana Fans!

You can check out his power point presentation here.

It’s pretty awesome and very professional looking. Personally I think everyone should follow his example and work the Seiken Densetsu series into as many school projects as they can. Just don’t go the way of The Cheesecake Challenge with it, though. A large group of friends and I followed Sam Hughes’ lead and pulled that stunt in our economics class in highschool and the teacher held us all afterwards to question us on why cheese cakes were so important to us.

Way to Go! Abdul Moti!

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