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Posted on March 12th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey everybody long time no see!

– I thought we got cancelled.

– No, Sheexy just got lazy.

– Shush. Anyway, we’ve got a few items this week, but there seriously is nothing good on eBay lately!

– Both of the Legend of Mana manga are currently on sale, so if you want them you should jump at this! You can get the Old Set or the New Set both for the same price. Don’t forget, you can make an offer on these items and possibly get them for even less!

– Even if you can’t understand the comics, since they’re in Japanese, the art is really fun!

– The only other item we’ve got is this Making of Mana Legend of Mana art book. It’s got some great art from the game in it, as well as a bunch of merchandise pictures!

– Well unfortunately, that’s all folks! Hopefully we’ll have some better deals soon!

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