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Posted on March 19th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey everybody! Slow day on eBay again, but we’ve got a few items to show you!

– Here’s a Children of Mana Nintendo Power Poster for your room! Woo! Or maybe you want this Sword of Mana Manga?

– The Legend of Mana manga are no longer on sale, but if you make an offer of around 20 dollars or so you should be able to get either the Old Set or the New Set at a nice price.

– Check this out guys, it’s a 120 minute video tape with a 5 minute loop of a Secret of Mana commercial that was to be played in Japanese stores back in the day. You can see it here!

– That’s… weird?

– Is it actually worth that much? Even for me that seems expensive.

– I dunno guys, VHS aren’t that common anymore, and stuff like this probably got thrown away all the time, it’s kind of interesting. But I wouldn’t buy it, maybe someone else will. Anyways, that’s it folks! See you next week!

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