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Posted on March 26th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– No time for idle banter, we’ve got a lot of stuff this week!

– But I wanted to talk about my feelings!

– That’s only allowed if you’re talking about how you feel about these great deals! Like this Secret of Mana Basic Guidebook, it’s Japanese but it has all sorts of awesome weapon, armor and item illustrations!

– I have strong feelings about the CoM & DoM Artbook. It is somewhat expensive but it is very cool. This Heroes of Mana Rabite Muffler is cool too, but also very very expensive.

– I feel like talking about games! You can buy the PAL version of SoM, or either of this near mint American Version!

– How about buying the Legend of Mana Millennium Edition? You get a Jumi Jewelry box and Pearl and Elazul figurines in addition to the Japanese version of the game!

– You can get the newer games as well! You can have the Sword of Mana Cartridge Only, or pick up a Brand New Still Sealed Version. Dawn of Mana and Children of Mana (One, Two) are also available for cheap.

– By making an offer on these next auctions you could get them for even cheaper. There is the Old Set or the New Set of LoM Manga, The Making of Mana a LoM art book, and this Sword of Mana Manga!

– That’s it for this week everyone, see you next time!

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