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Posted on April 23rd, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Whoops, time escaped me last week and I never got one of these up, sorry everyone! I’ve got an important message today though. Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released in English. Some people put a translated ROM onto SNES cartridges and try to pass them off as real. They then set the price at over 100 dollars which is an incredible rip off! If you see these don’t fall for the trick and report the auction so other people won’t fall for it either!

– Not many Seiken Densetsu items go for amounts of over 100 dollars, if you are unsure of whether a price is right please e-mail us on the contact page and we will help you out. Some items will be expensive, like this HoM Rabite Muffler, due to their rarity. Just ask us for help if you are unsure of how rare something is or how much something is worth.

– Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk music! This Seiken Densetsu Piano Book has all sorts of awesome songs in it, and also it is currently 38% off! But wait, there’s more! With this auction you can make an offer on it and see if you can get it for even cheaper! It’s worth a shot if you want the piano scores! If Piano isn’t your thing then what about this Seiken Densetsu Guitar Tab Book? The same 38% off and make an offer auction here, don’t pass up these awesome deals!

– How about some Japanese game guides? You can possibly get this Secret of Mana Adventure Guide for really cheap. It’s got fun one panel comics of each of the boss fights! Or how about the famous Legend of Mana Ultimania Guide? It’s got more information about Legend of Mana than you can possibly wrap your head around!

– Everyone loves the CoM and DoM Artbook. You cannot live without it. It’s impossible. Also, you might like this Sword of Mana Novel Set if you are a collector. There are many more words than pictures, but it has a few pictures in it.

– Finally, collectors might want to pick up this Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Poster or this Legend of Mana Music Collection CD. It’s only got a few tracks on it, but it’s pretty hard to find at a price as nice as this!

– Wow, we sure were pretty heavy on the words today, I guess we were making up for last week! Anyway, see you next week hopefully!

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