MMM – Repeating Eternity

Posted on August 30th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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I’m not sure, but if I had to choose one track from Secret of Mana to sum up my entire experience with the game, this one might be it:

Repeating Eternity – Hiroki Kikuta – Secret of Mana

I think the track embodies the feeling of wonderment I got the first time I played the game. The whole song just builds up and up and has a real sense of there being something big to it, and something adventurous and mysterious.

I dunno, that’s just how the song feels to me.

Also it’s always bugged me that this track has eight bells ring in it, but it wasn’t the track actually entitled Eight Ringing Bells which has zero bells in it. It’s another track that I think pretty much defines Secret of Mana to me. Actually let’s listen to that one too, why not?

Eight Ringing Bells – Hiroki Kikuta – Secret of Mana

See? There aren’t any bells in that. Unless the beginning is supposed to be glass bells maybe, but it’s much less obvious than the eight bells ringing in the other song. I wonder if maybe the titles got mixed up, it seems like the title Repeating Eternity could fit either of them really.

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  1. undite Says:

    There’s eight in Orphan of the Storm, too