Shopping Channel Returns

Posted on August 6th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Whoa, the studio is all dusty, what happened?

– We thought you were never coming back!

– Whoa, Neko, you’re still a cat?!

– We’ve been locked in here the whole time and Neko wouldn’t share any of his candy!

– I can’t just give those away for free, what kind of business model is that.

– Sounds like you two had fun, anyways, want to get this thing started?

– Can I get a snack first?

– Nope! Here we go! Check out this neat looking Secret of Mana Wallscroll! It’s got the art from the mobile release and it looks super cool!

– It is pretty expensive but here is a Legend of Mana Rabite Necklace. They are not so easy to come by anymore, but this price is pretty high regardless. Only buy this is you are desperate to get your paws on one of these. Also finding a complete Seiken Densetsu game any lower than this price is pretty rare. Pick this up if you’re a collector, it has free shipping.

– Maybe just a little snack? Medicinal herb? …Dead Rabite?

– Also, it’s been forever since I’ve mentioned the seller japan-ssdyuk and their store on eBay. Here is just a sample of the awesome stuff they have: Final Fantasy Adventure Guidebook, Seiken Densetsu 3 Prologue Book with Cards, Legend of Mana 4 Panel Comic Book, Old version of the Legend of Mana Manga, New version of the Legend of Mana Manga, Sword of Mana Comic Books, Sword of Mana Novels, Seiken Densetsu Piano Book.

– If they seem too expensive you are overlooking the fact that each of the auctions have a “buy it now” option you can use to submit a price you think is fair. From other people I’ve heard that making an offer with this seller tends to work.

– Anyway, we’ll see you all next week with more stuff!

– Bring food.

2 Responses to “Shopping Channel Returns”

  1. Szu Says:

    that wallscroll is really nice tempted to buy it. the artist is haccan, he’s really great, if you didn’t allready, well worth checking out.

    google image search:

  2. Abdul_Moti Says:

    That necklace seem fit to be a gift for your dear one.