MMM – The Things We Didn’t Know

Posted on October 4th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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Both bastian from the forums and Kassidy ended up linking me to this track, so I guess I’ll continue the linking train!

The Things We Didn’t Know (OC Remix Page) – Vampire Hunter Dan (OC Remix Page)
Secret of Mana – Hiroki Kikuta – Danger, Fear of the Heavens, Into the Thick of It, What the Forest Taught Me

This is a fun track, it mixes some of the most memorable tracks from Secret of Mana into an amazing orchestral piece that flows really well. I especially love the bits with the Danger track, it’s one of my favorites from Secret of Mana and needs more love!

Give it a few listens and be sure to head over to OC Remix and the artist’s profile to check out all sorts of great game music!

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