MMM – Remix Catch-up

Posted on November 15th, 2010 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassAnother Monday full of music, and with a site update to boot!

The following remixes have been added to our remix section, which was falling a bit behind (my bad, sorry). These have been contributed by the good old people at OCRemix.

You’ll be able to find them easily on the pages for FFA, SoM and SD3 as they have the New Track icon next to them.

‘Chivalry Begins’ by Big Giant Circles

‘Things We Didn’t Know’ by Vampire Hunter Dan
‘Step Off My Flower Bed’ by Nase
‘Sea/Sky’ by Ziwtra

‘Aurora Borealis’ by Rozovian

I’ve picked out this one in particular, Step Off my Flower Bed, by Nase, simply because there’s so much going on in the remix, you should listen to it several times and will keep picking up more as you revisit it.


One Response to “MMM – Remix Catch-up”

  1. Rozovian Says:

    Nase is crazy. Chip+funk=crazy awesome. 😀 The others are “merely” great.