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Posted on December 7th, 2010 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassReturn to Mana – Legacy of the Eight Elementals – is a work in progress mod using the Source engine, set 43 years after the events of Secret of Mana.  Originally anounced back in 2006, it went on ice back in 2007, but they have since revealed, on December 5th, that they have spent a year working further on the Mod and are making progress. The development is done by Team Monkey, who have worked on titles such as Crysis, Ankh and the Settlers series.

The game’s first episode is slated for release sometime in 2011, free for the PC (You need Steam and an Orange Box Engine based game, such as Half Life 2, Episode 1), and will feature 3-player co-op over LAN or Steam, 12 out of a total 50 intended maps, and multiple other goodies and features.

Return to Mana 3Return to Mana is back! After more than 1 year of continuous work are glad to announce: Return to Mana is more active than ever, coming back with a brand new art style, new website and episode1 will be released in 2011. We hope you liked our small Christmas present.

Return to Mana 2Inspired by SNES classics, Team Monkey announces a brand new fantasy adventure/RPG for PC. In Return to Mana – Legacy of the eight elements, brings an innovative fresh setting to the PC platform and a full 3 player cooperative playing experience. Fight together with 2 friends to prevent the Empire from rising again and restore peace to the world of Mana.

Return to Mana 1Part of the “I love free Games” movement, Return to Mana is the first game designed from the very start to be a totally free game based on valves SOURCE engine. Team Monkey consists of professional game designers who have worked on AAA titles like “Crysis”. Because of nothing but pure love to gaming we are bringing this amazing gaming experience to you.

SourceReturn to Mana website

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