Songs of Light and Darkness Preview

Posted on December 6th, 2010 by Dr. Sheexy
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Mana Music Monday indeed, I’ve got another music update for you today.

What is Songs of Light and Darkness exactly? Well it’s that SD3 fan remix project I’ve posted about before!

Seems rozovian, the guy behind the project, has a preview track ready. Try to pick out the tracks before reading them in the cut, it’s pretty fun and I failed miserably at recognizing stuff, haha. I always knew I was bad with picking out tunes, but one out of five? For shame Sheexy, for shame! Anyway, it’s a short preview but it all sounds really good!

Songs of Light and Darkness Preview
Neat right?

In order the creators of these tracks are TheDeath, Jovette Rivera aka dj crono, Jago, The Dual Dragons, and HoboKa.

Read on if you’d like to figure out which tracks they are!

Here are the tracks and the artists again in order. These aren’t the name of the remix tracks, but instead the actual SD3 tracks that got remixed. You’ll just have to wait for the release to figure out what the artists decided to call these! (I’ve gotta wait too, I dunno either!)

Delicate Affection by TheDeath
Can you Fly, Sister? by Jovette Rivera aka dj crono
Rolling Cradle by Jago
Axe Bring Storm by The Dual Dragons
Political Pressure by HoboKa

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  1. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Sounds like it’s coming along nicely. I’m a geek, I recognised them. 😉