MMM – A Cold Beat

Posted on January 3rd, 2011 at 11:31 pm by Dr. Sheexy Filed under Heroes of Mana

I know I’ve used this one before a couple times, but it’s cold out! And it’s only going to get colder, because this week I’m going snowboarding with some friends.

Happy New Year everyone, hope yours is starting off nice!

A Cold Beat – Yoko Shimomura – Heroes of Mana

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  1. Gamekrazzy Says:

    I like this song, never got to hear the original ingame because I lost the game about 2 days from when I got it. D: It’s all right, The game was only good for the storyline and music really… This song is pretty good, and I like the chimes of the xylophone and the strings and the percussion. 😀 I like the instrument choice.