Bestiary pages are back

Posted on April 22nd, 2011 by Deques
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This news is old and might contain broken links and/or images.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

Well, sort of. I have imported all pages. Some pages might be missing, that’s because that the links have not been checked if they are working or not. There are also a lot of formatting that needs to be done.

But hey, you got the bestiary pages. It’s probably the most visited pages in Seikens.

Update: All pages have been checked and relinked. That means that bestiary is done. Next is Soundtrack and Remixes

6 Responses to “Bestiary pages are back”

  1. Sheexy Says:

    Just letting everyone know I’m gonna be working on fixing up the page content and getting all the images back. This is gonna take a while though!

  2. hawklise33 Says:

    okee dokee 😀

  3. 20Second Says:

    hey, just letting you know the bestiary link on the right side bar works but the one on the top doesn’t.

    [i’m sculpting some 15mm miniatures at the moment – will get some photos taken before i start on painting them]

    love the site, all the best

  4. Rozo Says:

    Gonna get the soundtrack pages up soon? I’ve linked to a google cached version of sd3’s on ocr’s sd3 project thread, but I’d rather link straight to the real deal.

  5. Wai Wong Says:

    @20second, thanks for letting me know.
    @Rozo. As soon as I’m done with the bestiary I will start working on the soundtrack pages

  6. Sheexy Says:

    20Second, that sounds awesome!

    I was thinking of doing that myself sometime, can’t wait to see how it looks!