MMM – Peaceful Underground Lake

Posted on September 28th, 2011 by Dr. Sheexy
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So I was trying to pick out a song for this week like I always do: a last minute desperate search through my WinAmp library. Going through songs I could use I find myself thinking, no no I can’t use that one I’ve used it before, or I’ve already used that one a couple of times. So I picked one track because I really like it, but I know I’ve used it before, I just didn’t remember when. I decided to search through the old MMM posts to see when I used it, and lo’ and behold it was back in 2007. I just think it’s pretty funny I remember all the tracks I’ve used in the past 4 years I’ve been doing this update, and I wonder why I can’t use that brain power for more useful things, haha.

Anyway, you’ve heard it before if you’ve been with us for 4 years, but here it is again!

Peaceful Underground Lake – Masaharu Iwata – Children of Mana
[audio:|titles=Peaceful Underground Lake]

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