Mana Music Medley – 20th Anniversary

Posted on October 16th, 2011 by Dr. Sheexy
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Thanks to Zergrinch, nick912012 and Kassidy for figuring out the different tracks used!

00:00 Rising Sun (FFA)
00:59 Running Towards the Future (SwoM)
02:16 Bridge with Decision Bell (SD3)
02:30 Meridian Child (SD3)
04:00 Meridian Dance (SoM)
05:07 Bridge
05:24 The Thunder Emperor’s Aloofness (CoM)
06:05 Bridge with hints of Rising Sun moving into The Truth Behind the Mask (SD4)
06:36 Feelings Not Forgotten (SD4)
07:28 Bridge with Southern City Polpota (LoM)
07:38 And Thus Fate Becomes Cruel (HoM)
08:45 Bridge
09:02 Fiery Castle (LoM) (Complicated Destiny and The One Who Waits… do follow the same leitmotif, FC is the closest)
09:52 Bridge
09:57 Rising Sun (FFA)

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