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Posted on August 19th, 2012 by Kassidy Kearey
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SoMGA few days ago, Secret of Mana: Genesis, an arrangement album of tracks taken from Secret of Mana, was released by Square Enix. It contains 16 tracks arranged by Kikuta himself, though they do not deviate very far from the originals. His intent with the album is to keep the original feel of the songs and refine the sound to make it more beautiful. He says it was a difficult challenge, but he’s happy with the end result.

You can find the album on iTunes, or can purchase the CD from retailers such as YesAsia for around $30.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Genesis: Angel’s Fear (title screen)
2. Fantasies: Tell a Strange Tale (Empire towns theme)
3. Friends: Always Together (Overworld for waterfall)
4. Wilderness: The Boy Aims for Wild Fields (Overworld around Pandora area)
5. Memories: Colour of the Summer Sky (happy town theme)
6. Fairies: The Fairy Child (Salamando’s / Happy Kakkara theme)
7. Mystics: What the Forest Taught Me (Upperland forest)
8. Avengers: Danger! (boss theme)
9. Winds: The Orphan of the Storm (you beat a boss)
10. Gremlins: Flight Bound for the Unknown (Flammie theme 1)
11. Prophecies: Premonition (Flammie theme 3)
12. Machineries: Steel and Traps (Undergruond City, Scorpion Army, and such)
13. Secrets: Give Love it’s Rightful Time (Mana Fortress inside)
14. Ballads: Pure Night (Pureland)
15. Mass: The Prayer of the Arctic Circle (Boss Battle v Mana Beast)
16. Truth: The Second Truth from the End (Ending theme 2)

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