An Overclocked Christmas

Posted on January 15th, 2013 by Dr. Sheexy
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Happy very belated holidays everyone! I’d have posted this sooner, but the e-mail about it was lost to my terrifyingly disorganized inbox from last semester, but now it has surfaced, hooray!

OC Remix did another Christmas album this year. Since I can’t figure out how the heck the new audio player works on the site anymore, you’ll have to head to the source to listen to the music:

An Overclocked Christmas: Volume 6

Once again, Rozovian, who I’ve mentioned before in a few updates about an SD3 fan album, took part. This time Rozovian provided two tracks, one of which involves tracks from Secret of Mana. According to Rozovian, the remix consists of, “Two sources, with a reference to a third. I called it Wish. Guess the main source. ; )”

I’m placing all of my money on the main source being “Happenings of a Moonlit Night”.

Joking aside, the track is a really relaxing almost somber sounding keyboardy track which really fits the mood of the weather outside my window right now. Also, see if you can pick out the three tracks involved. I can catch Wish and Fear of the Heavens, but the third is lost on me. I can only assume it is “Happenings of a Moonlit Night”.

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