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Posted on February 26th, 2014 by Kassidy Kearey
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It’s another sad day in the news, I’m afraid.

The most recent issue of Famitsu magazine reveals that Rise of Mana, the trademarked name as filed by Square-Enix last year, is to be a free-to-play mobile game coming to Android and iOS with the increasingly popular and loathed in-app purchases.

It hasn’t been too long since the Dungeon Keeper franchise was ported to a mobile freemium app, and that received extremely negative criticism directed at EA, and with very good reason from personal experience (because I can’t criticise something until I’ve tried it myself, and yes, it is as bad as everyone says).

From Siliconera:
According to the magazine report, the protagonist of the game fell from the heavens and landed on earth, and seems to have been made into a body that is half angel and another half demon.

Rise of Mana’s main town is called Miste, where you’ll be able to purchase weapons, items, and raise demon pets who’ll be supporting you throughout your adventures.

The basic weapons are made of sword, spear, and bow. The magazine also reports that up to eight players will be able to play together in real-time action. The game’s new system will also involve the ability to switch between angel and demon modes according to your situation.

This all makes me incredibly sad, and gives me little hope that the series will ever be given the love it deserves. No doubt I will try this game out for myself and see what the end product is, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Source – Siliconera and Sinobi

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