Rise of Mana – Trailer and Soundtrack details

Posted on February 26th, 2014 by Kassidy Kearey
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A trailer for the upcoming mobile freemium Seiken Densetsu game has been released:

In addition to the trailer, the official site for the game reveals that the intended launch of the title will be soon on iOS, and Summer 2014 for Android.

Perhaps more interesting is the arrival of the soundtrack on April 23rd.

You can also pre-register your e-mail address for the game on the official site, and by the looks of things this will give you some benefits on game launch (which you’d otherwise, I guess, have to grind for or fork out money on micro-transactions).

6 Responses to “Rise of Mana – Trailer and Soundtrack details”

  1. bastian Says:

    Woah. This actually looks pretty freaking awesome! At least as good as Children of Mana! I DO wish it was for the 3DS, though. 🙁 But since (according to its official site) it will be compatable with the Logitech PowerShell… I guess I’ll have to get around to finally buying one. 😀

  2. nick912012 Says:

    I was grinning while watching this thinking it would be on the 3DS, and the Mana series may finally be revived. Saw Android/iOS at the end and my grin went away. 🙁

  3. Josh Says:

    I wish they would just remake both seiken desetsu 2 & 3 and bring them to full 3D hd on the ps4 and xbone. It makes me sad to see that this is only a free port to mobile devices.. :/

  4. bastian Says:

    You’d rather they remake an old game than make a new one?

  5. Josh Says:

    Simply put, yes. In depth reasoning: I do not want a phone port, let alone a Nintendo Hand-Held port. I want a full-blown game on a true console or PC that revolves around an immersed story line. It can be a brand new game or a remake: but go back to the roots of Seiken Densetsu, which is why I say possibly Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 3 would be both good games to remake to help create a new game. Personally, I feel Square-Enix has more than enough people that can create an amazing RPG-Adventure game on a new generation console. Why wouldn’t they? More-so, why wouldn’t you hope for one? Haha.

  6. bastian Says:

    I hope you know that’s never going to happen. Also, I think it’s a bit silly to hope that Squeenix will “go back their roots” on any of their franchises for a main console release. Their MO is reinvent the wheel (unnecessarily) with each sequel in hopes of bringing the player a brand new experience. They will never want to “go back to the basics” for a major console. They have tried their hand at a few “back to the basics” approaches for Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Dimensions) for iOS and 3DS (Bravely Default) to mixed reception. The best we could ever hope for would be this sort of treatment with Mana, which is what I think they think Rise of Mana offers. Unfortunately, it’s offering it for iOS… which is not my preference (I think the game would be much better suited to 3DS, which I made a whole video about on my YouTube channel :P).

    Also, I’m a bit confused with your reference to Rise of Mana as a “port”; it is not a port, it is a brand new game–the iOS version of Secret of Mana (which I think is technically HD) IS a port, however.

    Also, insisting that the 3DS is not a “true console” is faulty both market-wise and gamer-wise. It is the number one selling console of last year, it has some truly amazing games on it (A Link Between Worlds, Bravely Default) which are offering a “return to the basics” approach.

    And finally: you ask why with all their people they won’t create a new generation console Action RPG… because that sort of game would never sell on the Xbone or PS4–the audience for those consoles is much more interested in “mature” software. The only place Mana can truly thrive financially is on the 3DS and maybe iOS.