Adventures of Mana for PS Vita now available in Europe

Posted on June 28th, 2016 by Deques
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Adventures of Mana
Adventures of Mana which has been available in English for iOS and Android has now been released in Europe for PS Vita.

2 Responses to “Adventures of Mana for PS Vita now available in Europe”

  1. YoungLage Says:

    Hi, just wanna know if there will be an “Adventures of Mana” section on the site.

    And please, keep up with the good work. Let us Seiken Fans from the west feeded with your news and updates.

    Oh, just to you know, I’m from Brazil and just finished Adventures of Mana on my PS VITA.

    Thx, and see ya!

  2. DeadWolf Says:

    It looks like it is also available on the PS Vita in the US. I was able to purchase it on the US PSN store.