Happy 30th Year Anniversary, Mana!

Posted on June 27th, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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A shame I can’t collect some of these!

So the 30th year anniversary presentation was today, and I totally missed it. You can watch the recording here.

I’ve got a brief little summary here though, but I’ll try to get something more informative later.

Trials of Mana will come to smart phones (iOS & Android).
A new game, Echoes of Mana is coming as a free to play game on smart phones as well. It seems to feature characters from the various Mana games. You can check out a video in English by clicking here. It doesn’t show the combat in this video, but it looked kinda hands off.

The original fonts from Legend of Mana on Playstation will return into the remaster. I don’t know if this means just fonts, or also original translation. Also, the Ultimania book will come as an e-book, but I imagine that’s only in Japanese, considering how dense that thing is!
There are some Legend of Mana LINE stickers now.

Apparently a Legend of Mana anime is coming! “The Teardrop Crystal” seems to be the title, so I guess it will go over the Jumi storyline. Supposedly, the whole reason the remaster happened was because Warner Bros. Japan went to Square-Enix to talk about pitching a Legend of Mana anime. That’s very interesting! Some of the animation seems to have been included in the Legend of Mana Remaster opening video.

Finally, a new Seiken Densetsu game is in the works for consoles. That was also stated at the 25th year anniversary, however, so not too sure about the timeline on these things.

The video also showed off some nice new merch, that’ I’ve definitely purchased. That’s all I’ve got!

Image Source: @y_ambe on Twitter

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  1. ElvisFate Says:

    I am very excited about Legend of Mana anime along with new seiken densetsu game!