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Posted on June 22nd, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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When I started writing these merchandise posts, I didn’t take into account just how many various items there were remaining. I’ll show off or mention the bulk of them in this post, but there will be a final post just before the release of the Legend of Mana remaster that goes over my absolute favorite merch.

A pile of goodies.
The inside of the music box.

Alright, starting with the above image, I’ll go through things left to right. I also included another picture of a Rabite plush, with the original tag that hangs of its tail for completion sake.

Pearl and Elazul Figurines and Jumi Music Box. The two figurines there, Pearl and Elazul, came along with the purple music box in the Square Millennium Collection version of Legend of Mana released in 2000. Opening the box reveals some text, which states “Dear Pearl & Elazul, Florina”, and then plays a snippet of the game’s title theme. I would not really classify the Millennium collection, nor these figures or music box as especially rare, but you’ll still probably have to spend maybe between $60-$100 if you’re interested in picking one up. Be aware, the little colored “jewels” on top of the music box tend to fall out and disappear.

You can listen to a recording of the music box below.

Flat Magnet Set. The next item, directly under Pearl and Elazul, is a small flat magnet set. This item has “NOT FOR SALE” plastered on it, and has punch out magnets for the Hero and Heroine, Niccolo, and the game’s logo. I’m not exactly sure what the process of obtaining these magnets would be, but the magnets say “PRESENTED BY DOKIDOKI BOUKENJIMA” on them, which is a store, so I assume it would have been a preorder bonus. As for a price, I have no real idea. I have two of these, but they’re not particularly amazing so I wouldn’t bother paying much. I paid maybe $5 for each.

Rabite Mousepad. Not much to say about this one besides it is quite rare. I’ve only ever seen this one for sale, and I got it for a steal, only $15, but I definitely would have been willing to pay much more due to how uncommon it seems to be. I bet there are a number of them out there absolutely ruined from years of use. There also exists a leather Rabite mousepad, which I sadly don’t have (and I think I’ve lost all photos I had of them as well). At one point in 2010, around 6 of them appeared online for auction, but I never ended up bidding on any at that time. If you’ve got one, and you’d like to get rid of it, please let me know.

Rabite Phone Lanyard. Once again recycling the pewter Rabite Necklace design, this braided leather lanyard is really cool. I own two of them, the pristine one seen in the image above, as well as a busted up one that I actually used back around 2006. The leather is all frayed, the coating of the metal pieces is worn away revealing shiny brass underneath, and I really regret using it after a while because I could not for the life of me find another one for years and years. Finally, maybe two years ago, I picked another one up for $10. You can actually find two of these listed rather easily on auction sites now, one for around $50 and one for an insane $300 for some reason.

Stationary Set. Yeah, this is an odd one, isn’t it? The only one of its kind I’ve seen, and I don’t remember what I paid for it. I’m not unsealing it, so I’m not entirely sure how many sheets/envelopes are inside along with the stickers. It’s a very slim package, so there can’t be more than just a few of each. It has a ¥1000 price tag on the back.

The second volume of the re-release set.

Legend of Mana Manga by Shiro Amano. The five volume manga set was also re-released in a two-volume set many years later. I haven’t picked up a copy of those two yet. I’ve got a postcard as well, featuring the Hero, “Toto”, munching on some Boarmelons. The manga is really quite a fun read, so seek it out if you’ve never been through it before. I quite like the way they handled the artifacts in the story.

Postcard book.

Non-Pictured Items. In the following area, I’ll just include some details about items that I unfortunately don’t have on hand at the moment to take photos of. This list is probably non-exhaustive, as I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (besides the cool stuff coming up in the next post…).

Postcard Book. It’s a book full of postcards. I’ve seen the books as well as separate cards for sale online. Not very rare at all, and probably not the most noteworthy item.

Magnet Puzzle Book. This one is really cool, I need to pick up a second copy of it so I can actually get some use out of it. This comes with a bunch of magnets of various characters from the game, as well as two “puzzles” which are neat art from the games broken into small pieces. All the pieces are square, so it’s not really that much of a puzzle. The cool thing about this is that it comes with a so-called “Eternal Calendar”. It comes with magnets for the days of the week (with elementals on them) and then numbered day magnets with produce from the game on them. You can rearrange these dates around on your fridge or a bulletin board or whatever you want to stick magnets on, and have a cool little calendar. These are not hard to come by, and I think usually you can find one for between $30-$50.

Making of Mana

Finally, I’m not going to go into much detail on the more mundane items, but of course there is the soundtrack to the game (as well as a smaller soundtrack released as a preorder bonus) and the arranged album called Promise, along with who knows how many other albums that have some Legend of Mana music added on. There are various guidebooks, the most notable being the Ultimania guide, but what I’d recommend picking up would be the Making of Mana book if you’re interested in all of this merchandise stuff. It’s a really cool book and I wish I was more fluent in Japanese to read more about what it’s got inside. There are even some t-shirts, I believe they exist in Rabite, Lil’ Cactus, and Niccolo varieties. I have a really beat up version of the Rabite shirt somewhere, and I believe I paid all of 25 cents for it.

Anyway, let me know if you think I forgot anything, but also check in on the next post where I’ll go over the absolute best of the Legend of Mana merch.

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