Legend of Mana Merchandise – Screwdriver and Battery kit

Posted on June 19th, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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Ok, you must be thinking to yourself, “Sheexy is just here making stuff up now”.

Golden Rabites? A Zippo lighter? A wooden Zippo lighter? Some weird combo of a phone card and a zipper? Ok fine, I can believe those, but a screwdriver?

That’s just too much.

Well yeah, but it is real. And it comes with a Square branded battery.

A poster describing the bonus.

You see, the new Legend of Mana remaster comes with “Ring Ring Land” built into it. Something that we never got to see overseas. But in Japan, Ring Ring Land has always been part of Legend of Mana. You just needed the right memory card peripheral to play it.

Chobin Hood beating up an Imp.

In Japan, if you used a PocketStation along with Legend of Mana, you’d get to play Ring Ring Land. You send your pet on an adventure around a board that is populated by lands you’ve placed in Legend of Mana, and they fight things with numbers and can win you cool items.

I bought this PocketStation (missing its lower cover) off an auction site, and it had Ring Ring Land installed on it already. That little Chobin Hood is doomed to forever be stuck in Flash RAM. Only booted up when I feel like looking at that interesting little game that was fairly unknown outside of Japan I’d suppose.

That’s one really neat thing about the remaster, that they didn’t just abandon Ring Ring Land forever. But it’s quite a bit cooler to have a micro Mana game you can carry around with you though.

Anyway, we were discussing screwdrivers and batteries right?

So, this little set was actually not for sale, and it was apparently a preorder bonus to help people keep their PocketStations alive. These things are very very common; I’ve seen an entire crate of these things sell on an auction site before, and no I didn’t bother bidding on it.

2 Responses to “Legend of Mana Merchandise – Screwdriver and Battery kit”

  1. ElvisFate Says:

    Wow. I am surprise that Legend of Mana is advertised so much in Japan.

  2. Sheexy Says:

    Yeah, it’s kinda crazy just how all out they went.