Legend of Mana Merchandise – Zippo Lighters

Posted on June 1st, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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Yes, you read that right. Zippo lighters. It’s not singular, it’s plural.

Not only is it absolutely bizarre that there would be one officially licensed Zippo lighter related to Legend of Mana, there are actually two different ones.

The first of the Zippo lighters is brass. The little Rabites there should be a bit more brass colored, but they’re a bit tarnished. Nothing a bit of polishing won’t clear up. This lighter has the same etching of Rabites on each side, but only one of the sides says “Legend of Mana”. It also came in a nice little case, which rusts very easily by the way. So if you’ve got one, make sure it’s kept in a nice environment!

While I’m not exactly sure of how many of the Rabite necklaces or gold pendants were made, I have a very good idea about how many of these Zippo lighters there are.

I also have number 75.

That’s because each one is imprinted with its run number. That’s right, there are only 300 of each of them. Now that’s a rare item! I think over the years I have probably seen 5 or so of these lighters up for auction. They’re quite hard to come by.

The second Zippo is even more rare, and perhaps there is a reason for that.

Yeah, that’s a Zippo lighter encased in wood. It’s got the logo for the game carved on one side, and a Rabite on the bottom right corner of the other side (along with copyright, date, and run number along the bottom). It came in a cool little crate with a bunch of weird wood shavings inside it. This is the only one of these I’ve ever seen at auction, and I snapped it up quickly. I can’t even begin to put an estimate on these as far as their worth. Their retail prices were around 80 dollars for the brass and 120 for the wooden one, but they’re quite rare and probably priceless to the right person. I did recently find another wooden lighter has sold for around 50 dollars not too long ago, however. Someone got a good deal on that!

So that’s that. Not only is it bizarre that not one, but two Legend of Mana Zippo lighters exist, but one of them is even encased in wood. Wacky.

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