New Affiliates – ManaRedux & The Mana Series Discord

Posted on June 29th, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
Filed under Affiliates, Seikens

If you look to the bottom right of our sidebar while on the main page, you’ll find two new Affiliates listed.

Secret of Mana: Redux It’s the nice Secret of Mana page that Kassidy posted about a while earlier. Since that post, quite a number of new scans have been added to the site. Check out the Lore ➔ Print section on the site for those. You can find some neat art you’ve probably never seen before on the site! Take for instance the yelling Randi and Rabite on the side there, isn’t that fun? I’ve been helping out a bit with some translations there, actually. The site aims to find out everything it can about Secret of Mana’s development.

The Mana Series Discord a Discord server where you can discuss the Mana series games, and other things, with other fans! I started chatting there recently and met a few familiar faces! It’s not really an affiliate, per se, but I think the link fits nicely over there.

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