Legend of Mana – Tempering Explained & Example Recipes with Malchar

Posted on July 24th, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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Was the lesson Watts gave you about forging, tempering, and altering your gear not enough for you? Still don’t understand materials, energy, tainting with elementals, and elemental consumption? Well then Malchar has got you covered!

Take 30 minutes of your time, and become a tempering expert through his video. He managed to create a weapon with 999 attack within around three hours of starting a new game, so with his guidance you can at least make something that makes you the nightmare of Nightmare Mode, and probably instill some fear into No Future as well.

Check the links in the description of his video for the tables and a forging simulator. As a bit of useful information, consider the following:

Visit Gato Grottoes and speak to the student walking around the shop area to get your fix on Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water Stones.
Check out the shop before Monique’s lamp shop in Lumina to stock up on Sun, Moon, Glow, and Chaos crystals.
A student at the Bone Fortress has some seeds and produce for sale. Gold Clovers can be quite useful for their high energy level, and Mush-In-A-Box are useful for Shade essence, though you’ll probably grow plenty of your own.

For some of the more important tempering materials, such as Ash and Mirror Pieces, you may need to stock up on them during a New Game (they’re limited to a few chests!) or try your luck at Ring Ring Land.

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