Link to another new Mana Site

Posted on December 29th, 2021 by Dr. Sheexy
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It’s quite rare that a new site dedicated to one of the Mana games crops up nowadays, so this is worth a shout-out, especially given the depth of detail that is available on the site for those interested in a deep-dive into Friends of Mana.

If you’ve paid attention to our site, you’d notice I just copied that line almost wholesale from Kassidy’s post about Secret of Mana: Redux.

But this time we’re talking mostly about the Japan-only Friends of Mana!

Members of The Mana Series Discord Mataxia and jquestionmark compiled a bunch of images and links related to Friends of Mana, and babasbackside did the monumental task of translating all the details.

Visit Archive of Mana to check out all the great information that has never been available to the West before now!

The Friends of Mana section is the most in-depth, but in addition to that you can find bits and pieces from other games here and there, including some Legend of Mana concept art I had been meaning to post here.

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