Secret of Mana – Items and Equipment Scans

Posted on February 6th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy
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In an update that is 13 years overdue (I scanned and cleaned these images in 2009), I have added all of the Secret of Mana Items and Equipment to the Gallery. These images are really great, and I love the amount of work that went into them for something you never see in game.

You can also head to the Items page or the Equipment page to check them out with context! It’s fun to see how the little sprites match up with the actual drawing.

It’s also fun(ny) to imagine the three heroes actually wearing some of these getups.

These images came from the official “Fundamental Knowledge Compilation” released by Square when the game came out. You can read about it and other guides over at the Secret of Mana: Redux Collectibles section.

Who knows, maybe in another 13 years I’ll finish cleaning up the Weapon scans.

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